Studio Saffar

Studio Saffar is a product design studio based in Kuwait that designs and fabricates homeware rooted in local craftsmanship. The studio focuses on developing crafts in Kuwait that are typically overlooked, challenging the perception of luxury, and promoting local grit. Studio Saffar works to contribute to the worldwide conversation on the importance of experience-based cultural design and its products aspire to be personally informed, locally defined and universally desirable.

[saffar is Arabic for ‘the tinker’ a person who mends pots and pans – a derivative of ‘safar’: good copper]

Founder of Studio Saffar is Kuwaiti multidisciplinary product designer, Kawther Alsaffar. Kawther uses storytelling and craft to traverse the lines between art and design. She focuses on patterns in human intimacy and truth, this manifests itself in uncovering; cultural significance, integrity in materials, and human connections. Kawthar has a BFA in Industrial Design from Rhode Island School of Design, and an MA in Design Products from the Royal College of Art in London.