Dawama | Spinning Top - Copper

by Studio Saffar


Materials: Copper

Dimensions: Ø 6cm  

Dawama (Spin Top) | Former Kuwaiti banknotes showed children playing historic games, one of which is Dawama. This object communicates the multinational nature of Kuwaiti culture as a trade route, where an imported game gains permanence through storytelling.

Sandcast Tableware represents the story of an individual living between different cultures and combines a sense of nostalgia, play, and probing of the meaning of objects in culture.

Studio Saffar

Studio Saffar is a product design studio based in Kuwait that designs and fabricates homeware rooted in local craftsmanship. The studio focuses on developing crafts in Kuwait that are typically overlooked, challenging the perception of luxury, and promoting local grit. Its core values: storytelling, partnerships, and regional variation are enmeshed in its products.