about beyyn

beyyn is an online gallery to discover and source contemporary design from the Arab world. Its name means ‘reveal’ or ‘bring to light’ in Arabic بَيَّنَ: ظَهَرَ، اتَّضَح. Showcasing furniture and homeware, we aim to demonstrate the strengths of the design industries of various Arab cities, detailing the story of each object, its makers and the place it reflects.

We work with our designers to thoughtfully build our collection, some of which are commissioned by beyyn and others made easier to access by being part of our platform. All products are manufactured locally, and many are entirely handmade with visible marks of the human touch. 

By buying these products, you are directly impacting the livelihoods of deserving designers and makers and are encouraged to feel as though you have brought home a souvenir of your travels. 


The goal behind the platform is to support the creative industries of the region by commissioning products and increasing access to existing work, beginning with retailing to audiences in the UK and eventually expanding our reach across Europe and the rest of the world. 

The website is segmented by objects, cities and designers, acting as three different lenses with which to experience a diverse region steeped in cultural plurality.

about the founder

Founder of beyyn, Rawan Kashkoush, has lived in eight different cities and anticipates living in many more. She has spent the last ten years committed to understanding design’s impact on storytelling related to preserving and creating culture, collecting objects that have been assigned meaning, and establishing opportunities for design practitioners to be represented, developed and promoted. beyyn is the culmination of her continued curiosity in design coupled with a move to London at the start of 2020.