Multitudes - Trio 3

by Zeina Aboul Hosn


heights: 41.5cm - 42.5cm - 28cm

Ø 2-5cm 

Multitudes is a collection of vessels first developed by Zeina in 2016 that she continues to explore. This series is made from Lebanese red clay, the very same used to make the roof tiles of traditional 19th-century Lebanese architecture. Their elongated shapes are created in a single expression at the wheel and then coated in multi-layered glaze that ooze in gravity’s direction to exaggerate their form.

Zeina Aboul Hosn

Based in Beirut, ceramist Zeina Aboul Hosn's sculptures display tension with gravity created in single sittings with glaze applied experimentally each time, as representations of chance encounters between colours. Zeina’s approach to ceramics can be viewed as capturing moments rather than making them. Her pieces can be found across tabletops and window displays in Lebanon and sold at the boutique of the Lebanese National Museum.