by Twelve Degrees


33h x Ø 13.5cm 

Jarra is a self-cooling ceramic water container. Before refrigerators, clay vessels, known as a ‘jarra’ in Arabic, allowed water to seep through the walls to evaporate, leaving what’s inside cool and refreshing. For food safety, ceramics need to be glazed, however glazing compromises the natural cooling effect of ceramics. Instead, Jarra uses a modified glazing solution that still cools while meeting safety standards to allow for the refreshing taste of clay-cooled water. The body is designed ergonomically with weight distribution in mind to make it easy to hold, and pour.

Red Dot Award, Winner, 2019
Good Design Award, Finalist, 2019
Dezeen Design Award, Longlisted, 2019

Ceramist - Abu Omar

twelve degrees

Twelve Degrees is a design and innovation studio based in Amman, Jordan, with over 30 internationally acclaimed design awards to date. The multidisciplinary studio is made up of designers and engineers specialized in product design, user research and user experience. Curiosity is the driving force at the studio, and co-creation with clients results in continuous experimentation to produce honest products with a positive impact.