Dual Bowl 443

by Studio Saffar


Materials: Copper & Zinc

Dimensions: Ø 15 cm

Fabricated with unique sand-casting methods developed with Alwafi Foundry in Kuwait, Dual Bowls are one-of-a-kind unpredictable castings made by combining metals, where their imperfect finished state is celebrated. They reflect the diverse community of craftsmen and designers in Kuwait that have united to create them.  

The moulds use sand from the Nile River, requiring only the addition of water. While this method was historically employed to reduce costs, its revival is vital now as the method is sustainable, and the moulds are easy to recycle.

Studio Saffar

Studio Saffar is a product design studio based in Kuwait that designs and fabricates homeware rooted in local craftsmanship. The studio focuses on developing crafts in Kuwait that are typically overlooked, challenging the perception of luxury, and promoting local grit. Its core values: storytelling, partnerships, and regional variation are enmeshed in its products.