Little Alienation Trio - Turquoise

by Hollow Forms


Set of Three - 20/22/25h x   Ø 10cm, turquoise handblown glass

Hollow Forms strives to revive glass blowing in Palestine by experimenting with contemporary forms and collaborating with local artisans to produce provocative collections. The Alienation Collection bridges ancient glassblowing techniques with 3D software used as a communication tool between designer and maker, the resulting vessels are bridges between past and present.

Due to the nature of glassblowing, you may notice small imperfections in the glass or slight variations in size. 

Hollow Forms

Founder of Hollow Forms, Dima Srouji, is a Palestinian architect, designer, artist, and educator. Her work explores the power of the ground, its strata and its artifacts, revealing forgotten, silenced, or hidden narratives, specifically concerning Palestine.